Sandgate Tweed Ride

Join the Queensland Panny Farthing and Historical Cycle Club for a stylish sojourn as they host their first Tweed Ride. Saturday July 19th will see Sandgate flooded with bicycles of an era past and the test will be whether the riders can live up to their bikes in style!

Meeting from 2pm at the corner of Cliff St and Flinders Parade in Sandgate, the ride will depart at 3pm, leaving plenty of time to admire your co-riders steeds. The ride will finish up at 4pm with scones and tea provided and of course plenty of opportunity to chat and catch up. Aspley Bike Shop and Treadlie Magazine will be providing prizes for those who’ve gone that extra mile in presenting both themselves and their bicycles so start polishing now!

Entry is $5 and you can send any enquiries about the ride to [email protected]