Salary sacrifice an electric bike

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You can now use your pre-tax dollars to pay for a premium electric bike. E-stralian offers e-bike salary packaging services that let you get to work with ease and in style. Revive your drive and put more money in your pocket!

Innovative and socially responsible companies around the world are recognising the benefits of cycling for their employees – encouraging workers to ride not drive, designing workplaces with ample bike parking and providing change rooms and lockers for cyclists. They recognise the environmental advantages, cost savings and health benefits for their employees; workers who ride to work are healthier and take 1.3 fewer sick days per year, are more productive and are happier.

Sales of e-bikes (electric pedal assist bikes) are booming in Europe, the US and now in Australia. In fact, e-bike sales now exceed those of regular bikes in Europe. Data shows that e-bike leasing is driving this e-bike boom, particularly where tax incentives are available, as in Germany and The Netherlands. Employees are encouraged to commute to work on electric bikes and can use a novated lease scheme to buy bikes just as they would a new car.

A similar novated leasing scheme is now available in Australia through Melbourne start-up business E-Stralian who are helping make e-bike ownership simple and hassle-free while positively impacting transportation infrastructure in cities. E-stralian is currently working with local and state governments, as well as various small, private and public companies to increase e-bike ownership in Australia.

E-Stralian have teamed up with Cargocycles a cargo bike and electric bike retailer in Melbourne to offer a leasing option for the Yuba Spicy Curry, an electric cargo bike new to the Australian market, which is perfect for commuters especially those with kids.

“Being stuck in hideous traffic after dropping kids off at childcare or school and then battling to find a car park drains you before you workday even starts,” says Gary Cookson, owner of Cargocycles and avid e-bike commuter.

“We think it’s time families and commuters seriously reassess their transport issues. Most car trips are 30 kilometres or less! Electric bikes and cargo bikes are an ideal solution to replace cars in urban areas and with a novated leasing option getting rid of your car, or second car is easier and more affordable.”

Megan McCormack, Business Development Manager from E-stralian agrees that switching to a reliable e-bike will change the way you commute. “An e-bike is just like a regular bike but you get an additional push from a motor, which makes it so much easier and more fun! Pedalling, operating the gears, brakes, and steering on an e-bike are basically the same as on a regular bicycle.”

“The Yuba Spicy Curry from Cargocycles is a unique electric cargo bike that has room on the back for two kids and panniers. The bike’s design makes it very agile and easy to handle and park which is perfect for city streets and shopping trips.”

About the bike:

Great on steep hills or long-distance trips and with tons of torque and responsive power output, The Yuba Spicy Curry comes standard with a state-of-the-art Bosch e-bike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. It features a low-rider cargo rack and a 20-inch rear wheel to lower the bike’s centre of gravity and provide a stable and safe platform for kids or cargo. It can carry up to 136 kg. Add Yuba accessories like child seats, seat pads, and mini hold-on bars for the ultimate family-friendly bike.

How does an e-bike novated lease work?

An e-bike novated lease works just like a car novated lease. Using salary packaging employers withhold monthly lease payments from employees salary during the lease term. The lease covers not only the financing of the bike but also the service and maintenance, roadside assistance in Victoria and insurance against theft and damage. Outside the salary packaging option, a short-term lease up to four months is also available for individuals.

“We discuss the practicalities of novated leases, e-bike riding and bike parking with employers who are thinking of signing up to the program. If an employer is redesigning their parking facilities, we recommend ensuring sufficient level parking for e-bikes and e-cargo bikes. There are some very space efficient solutions, especially compared to car parking,” says Megan.

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