Robot Bike Company: R160


The R160 is Robot Bike Co’s first frame, and whilst it may be their only one at present they reckon it could well be the only one you need.

With aggressive geometry and 160mm of travel the R160 thrives in steep and technical terrain, yet at the same time it is equally at home on climbs and all day epics. The unique DW6 suspension system plays a key part in this versatility.

The progressive leverage ratio provides the suppleness you need for grip at the start of the travel, support in the middle, and a bottomless feeling at the end for when you’re really pushing things.

Of course alongside grip and composure you also want a frame that pedals well, and once again the DW6 design won’t leave you wanting.


Most carbon fibre mountain bike frames are typically cast from a mold, but what’s great about the R160 is that it incorporates carbon fibre tubes joined together by custom-made 3D-printed titanium lugs.

“Once we have your measurements we will provide you with our recommend geometry. That recommendation will be based upon what we believe provides the ultimate blend of speed, fun, stability and agility,” says Robot Bike Company.

“If you have different priorities or requirements, then for a small extra charge we are more than happy to discuss these with you and work out what is best for you in order to create something truly bespoke, but we believe that the vast majority of riders will love our suggested geometry as much as we do.”

Find out more on the Robot Bike Company website.