Review: Specialized Vado SL

The all-new Specialized Vado delivers on style, speed and fashion.

In these strange times, I have found solace in my morning commute. The distance is short, around five kilometres, and the terrain levelled, but my ride along the placid Port Phillip Bay provides me with a savoured moment of respite.

The Vado SL glides along the beachfront, every pedal is assisted with its SL1.1 drive unit. The drive unit delivers 240 watts of power, while weighing less than two kilograms. It is small, but mighty. Cruising on Sport mode, I can hit Turbo and slip past another commuter. The change of mode is seamless, allowing me to zip along the bike path. 

Specialized Vado

Arriving at work, I easily summit the stairs with the Vado in-hand. For an e-bike it is incredibly light, weighing four-five kilograms lighter than the average commuter e-bike. I sit at my desk, looking out the window, thinking about the return trip home into a howling headwind knowing the ride will be a breeze and comforted that I have enough power to get me there – and then some.

If you’re an urban commuter looking for a zippy trip around town, this is the bike for you.