Reflectors give cyclists a leg up


Staying visible on the road at night is the concern of any cyclist. While there is a wealth of fluorescent and reflective gear on the market today available in all forms, shapes and sizes, some interesting research suggests that decorating your legs can make a remarkable difference for cyclists and motorists.

Earlier this month, Bicycle Network shared the findings of a report published in the Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society which concluded that drivers are more likely to spot riders earlier and at further distances when they wore fluorescent leggings. Now, because it might not be convenient (or fashionable) to don a pair of fluorescent leggings when riding at night, we’ve rounded up a list of reflective ankle accessories for your consideration.


Bookman Clip-on Reflectors

These wearable magnetic reflectors can be fixed to you or your bike using magnets. To use, simply pull apart the tabs, place the fabric in the middle and close the tabs together again. At $14.95 AUD, they’re pretty cheap too.

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Zéfal Doowah Trouser Bands

French brand Zéfal has been making cycling accessories since 1880, so they must be doing something right. These high vis reflective trouser straps are sold as a pair and can also shield your pants from catching on your chainring.

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Cycleaware Slap & Wrap Leg Bands

These easy-to-use leg bands are not only highly reflective, they shield your legs from your bike chain. They’re sold as pairs and have felt backing for extra comfort.

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