Quipmo: a peer-to-peer gear rental marketplace

Bicycle Network has joined forces with the next frontier in the sharing economy that will give Australians access to bicycles and sporting gear anywhere at any time.

Quipmo is a peer-to-peer gear rental marketplace that people can use to list and hire bike, surf and snow gear, unlocking adventures and experiences all around Australia and overseas.

Like Airbnb which has given people access to homes all around the globe, Quipmo will give people access to all kinds of bikes and accessories wherever they are to help them see the sights and live like locals.

Instead of having to worry about packing and safely transporting bikes when travelling, people can now just search Quipmo for their preferred ride at their destination, book it for hire and be set to go.

Quipmo also allows shops, rental businesses and individuals to list their gear up – a great way new way to find new customers or to make a few bucks from gear that you already have lying around.

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards said it is exciting to partner with a revolutionary service that will make bike riding easier for people wherever they are.

“There is great bike riding almost anywhere you go in the world, but sometimes bringing a bike with you in the car, train or plane can be hard,” said Mr Richards.

“With Quipmo, our members will be able to hire bikes and riding gear wherever they are and become part of the local bike culture. And like Airbnb and other services, gear will also come with some bonus local tips and insight from owners.”

There are already listings in capital and major Australian cities, as well as overseas destinations including New Zealand, Fiji, Europe and the United States.

Quipmo users are protected by insurance in Australia and New Zealand, and a user review system helps renters ensure that they’re hiring well-maintained gear. It also gives owners confidence that they’re renting to someone who will respect their equipment as they do.

Quipmo CEO Chris Evans said it is a thrill to be partnering with a truly world class body and Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation.

“Partnering with Bicycle Network will help make bike riding easier for everyone all around the country. We can’t wait to see more people riding and this initiative will further align Australia’s cycling community with tourism,” said Mr Evans.

“By giving people access to great gear wherever they’re travelling, whether it’s domestic or international, more people will enjoy this amazing country by bike which would be a fantastic outcome.”

To get started and make a booking for your next trip away, visit quipmo.com, set up a profile and begin searching. You can also list any of your own gear.

Image: Bicycle Network