Pocketing the goods

Let’s face it, there are times you don’t want to be carrying a bag. If you’re riding with your mobile phone and other valuables stashed in a pocket then check out BOgear‘s latest offering, a weatherproof Jersey Pocket Pouch.


Designed to be strapped under a saddle or stashed in a cycling jersey pocket, the Jersey Pocket Pouch’s construction results in a weatherproof pouch which is ultra durable. Using the same waterproof fabric and 1000D Nylon that BOgear use in all their bags, the pouch features a pleated fold construction that means it can expand to hold phonse, wallets, keys or patch repair kits, tubes and tyre levers.


With two strips of velcro the Jersey Pocket Pouch can be strapped beneath your saddle, or with them removed, fits snugly in a jersey pocket. An external reflective strip adds to your visibility. And while we’re loathe to be the first to mention the C-word, we reckon this would make a great Christmas gift. Check out all the details at BOgear