Po Campo Bike Share Bag

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Po Campo first designed the Bike Share Bag in 2014 after seeing so many people throw their jacket, purse or plastic bags into the rack only to result in the items falling out.

The bag is an elegant functional solution which connects to the front basket of bike share bikes all over the world. Originally successfully funded on Kickstarter, the bag has been re-released in 2017 as Version 2.0 with a removable laptop sleeve, and elegant black herringbone weather-resistant fabric. When not used on a bike, it makes a great smart-looking carry-all for everyday work requirements or travelling abroad.

The unisex-styled bag works with bike share systems around the world such as: New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, Minneapolis, Columbus OH, Chattanooga, Toronto, Montreal, Minnesota, London, Guadalajara and Toluca (Mexico) and Melbourne, Australia among others.

As the leading Bike Bag company, Po Campo continues to design stylish, practical bags for bicycle, travel and everyday featuring it’s unique CONNECT system.