No ordinary night

No Ordinary Night is a global film contest like no other – heroing those night time adventurers and nocturnal thrill seekers. There’s $10,000’s worth of prizes up for grabs and Knog is on the hunt for the best night-time adventure videos on the net. So bust out your light & action cam, start filming and submit your videos to for a chance to win!


So what’s the brief? Tell them a story. Show them a feat. Share an experience that will get their juices flowing. Take a look below at some of last year’s winners to get an idea of the kind of  content they’re looking for.

Night Surfing

BMX Bandit

Fireworks & Aeroplanes

Entries must be:

– Filmed at night or in low light,
– Show epic action, great stories and/or originality.
– Entertain with your creativity.
– Max 2 minutes long

Judging criteria:

– Cinematography and composition
– Degree of difficulty of shooting
– Performance and style
– Story

Competition dates: 15th August – 30th November 2016.

But remember, creativity is not formulaic. The winning video could have the most incredible storyline, but be shot on an iPhone so the cinematography is not so great. Basically don’t worry too much … If it’s awesome, it’s in.

Enter here.