Moron 2 Moron

Mörön 2 МӨРӨН

Moron 2 Moron
We’ve been entertained on the these last cold winter nights with Tom Doig’s account of he and Tama Pugsley’s road trip on bikes from Mörön to МӨРӨН in Mongolia, or as you may know it; Moron to Moron.

Its an unusual premise for a bike tour; two towns in Mongolia noted for their resemblance to the english word ‘moron’ inspire a pretty moronic adventure. This trip was chosen not for its riding, scenery, sense of achievement but purely for the novelty of riding the nexus of stupidity and inspired. Why? Because it was there. Armed with spandex unitards, Chinese steel-frame mountain bikes, unidentifiable meat product and a woefully inadequate phrasebook, these two morons blunder into some of the world’s most remote and beautiful wilderness–and triumph. Sort of. It makes for an entertaining read!
You can check out the blog of the ride here which includes many great photos and videos from the ride, and buy the book here, or ask for it at your local book store.

Moron to Moron is published by Allen and Unwin 2013.

Moron 2 Moron