Mindset Shift

Adding a Bosch powered e-bike to your bike collection can be seen as not just acquiring another bike, but rather as adding an alternative to car or public transport as your commuting mode.

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To really appreciate the benefits of an e-bike when commuting, shopping or socialising, one only needs to spend a few days on the bike to be impressed with the superior mode of travel. The invention from the 19th century becomes arguably the most superior vehicle when coupled with a high tech electric pedal-assist drive. The ease of door to door travel in civvies, carrying a modest load and in hilly terrain or head winds delivers an incredible efficiency in a hectic schedule

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The Bosch Performance Line drive delivers 250W powered pedal assistance at up to 25 km/h and is composed of three distinct components; the mid-drive, the computer and the battery. The latest Intuvia on-bike computer includes 1000 times per second measurement via the 3 sensors to ensure the drive delivers a smooth ride whilst changing gears on the flat or hills. We were impressed with 60Nm torque and smooth steady acceleration. The powered range is up to 120km depending on the power settings chosen and the terrain ridden.

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Bosch works locally with many manufacturers to include their system within the range of bikes including commuter, leisure and mountain bikes. Service is now provided within Australia by your retailer who will be able to assist if there are any warranty or service issues.

Watch for a significant increase in the presence of e-bikes in Australian cities and suburbs and regional towns. Hopefully the roll out of suitable infrastructure can keep pace with the uptake of e-bike purchases. At Treadlie we dream not of electric sheep but electric bikes for rent from major transport hubs and even airports. Sleep tight.