Meet The Aster


Light-up cycling bags are nothing new to the scene but the Aster has a few new developments up its sleeve. Designed by ‘wearable technology’ company, Lumos, the Aster will ‘improve visibility, reduce accidents and save lives’.

In creating the bag, Lumos has addressed ‘75% of the causes of bike accidents’, including features like rear and profile lights to make you visible to motorists from all sides, front lights to signal your presence in rear-view mirrors and automatic brake lights to help you avoid getting rear-ended. Integrated turn signals make sure that drivers around you know when you’re making a turn.

With LED lights in each shoulder strap, two light-up fabric panels on the sides and a multi-function diamond-shaped rear arrangement of 16 LED’s that can be set to blink or steady modes as well as chevrons on either side to act as turn signals, the Aster aims to be ‘the world’s safest commuter backpack’.

The water-resistant Sidekick remote control clips to your bicycles handlebar and can be used to activate turn signals and turn the pack on and off. When you’re stationary a sensor brightens the rear lights to act as a brake light.

Alongside the Sidekick is a the Lumos Aster mobile app that can adjust your light settings to meet the regulations specific to your state or country. The app allows you to see the battery life remaining, both in the 4000mAh USB-chargeable battery and the handlebar unit.

On the default mode, your Aster battery should last for 10-15 hours of riding time. Other features include an anti-theft alarm – once set if the Sidekick remote senses your bike moving for more than 5 seconds you’ll be instantly notified on your phone.

the Aster also has several commuter-specific compartments – a minimalist helmet holder, a whistle buckle, tuck-away U-lock holder loops, zippered bottle pockets, rain-cover and an ‘In Case of Emergency’ information slot In the event of a crash, important information such as blood type, allergens and emergency contact numbers can be accessed easily.

Available in two sizes, 24-litre and 18-litre, the Aster currently trying to raise funding on Indiegogo and more information can be found on their website.

Images: Lumos