MATE.BIKE launches in Australia

The future of e-biking has arrived with the long-awaited Australian launch of Danish-designed MATE.BIKE. 

The Copenhagen-based startup was founded in 2016 by siblings Julie Kronstrøm and Christian Adel Michael – the pair forging a new path for e-bike riders and committed to kick-starting a global biking revolution. 

Inspired by their guiding philosophy, the brother-sister duo had a vision to create an e-bike that was appealing to a young urban audience who wouldn’t otherwise look twice at this mode of transport. Beyond the panacea to air pollution, parking and gridlock, was an opportunity to disrupt an industry and introduce a new mode of transport where self-expression and identity was at the forefront. 

Making tracks globally, MATE.BIKE has sold over 24 000 bikes in more than 80 countries, earning its position as one of the youngest, leanest and fastest growing e-bike brands. It is also the company behind Europe’s largest-grossing crowdfunding campaign, raising 18 million USD in 2018. 

Julie Kronstrøm says: “By making e-bikes sexy, practical and affordable, we firmly believe we can accelerate the global bike revolution – and hopefully one day see more bikes than cars in all capital cities around the world.” 

“We’re thrilled to be launching MATE.BIKE in Australia. Our brand ethos is centred around giving people the feeling of ultimate freedom and we welcome the free-spirited nature of Aussies, with mateship coursing through their veins, to go on their own adventure with MATE.BIKE.” 

Available in Australia is the MATE X model. The foldable and powerful e-bike boasts a 250W electric motor geared with top-tier specs including Shimano gears, Tektro disc brakes, USB ports and an LCD screen. Mate X is available in burnt orange, subdued black, white ice, shocking pink, dusty army and jet grey and can be pre-ordered from 23 September 2020 via MATE.LAB

MATE X features: 
Included items 

  • Powerful motor / battery combo: Strong motor of 250W. Hi-torque 48V battery for quick acceleration and up to 17.5 Ah capacity to ride farther per charge. No matter the terrain or conditions, this motor / battery combo has you covered 
  • Shimano 8 speed shifting: Shimano shifters and rear derailleur combo provide expert shifting with ideal gear steps for seamless transitions to perfectly match your terrain and riding style 
  • All terrain wide rims fat tires: 20” wheels with ultra-wide rims, partnered with all terrain fat tires provide ultimate comfort as well as improved control and handling 
  • Full suspension: smoothes out all the bumps so you’ll never have to avoid cobbles or rocky trails again. Play hard knowing your bike will back you up! 
  • Smart display: LCD display that’s easy to read on the fly. It also gives you every bit of data you’ll need both during the ride and after for analysing what you’ve accomplished. Live battery is shown so you know how far you can push the distance, while still having enough juice to make it home 
  • Plug and Play wiring system: A unique MATE innovation that allows for simple, easy servicing of your bike anywhere in the world. Makes maintaining/replacing/repairing electrical parts a breeze! 
  • Fully foldable in three easy steps: It folds down to a very compact 78 centimetres high, 103 centimetres long, 59 centimetres wide so you can bring it along anywhere. Take it on the train, stash it under your desk, toss it in the car. (Unfolded: 124 centimetres high, 180 centimetres long, 65 centimetres wide) 

Customizable items 

  • Full protection aluminium fenders: Custom made front/rear fenders keep you and your bike clean, tidy and dry all year long. Offering complete protection from rain and mud 
  • Sturdy rear rack: Perfect for commuting to work or carrying your groceries. Standard 16-millimetre tubing for compatibility with most carrying bags. Can handle up to 25 kilograms 
  • Front/rear lights: Both lights run off bike power so you can ride straight into the sunset and beyond. Rear light has built-in brake light that’s activated with braking lever. It also doubles as left/right blinkers by sliding the button on your handlebar in either direction. Safety first! 

MATE.X is available for local pre-order via MATE.LAB