Little Lifter


The daily commute is fraught with urban obstacles: stairs, high curbs, trolleys and trains. Lifting your bicycle by the top tube can be awkward and cumbersome, particularly when you have full baskets and panniers.

Walnut’s “Little Lifter” Frame Handle provides a creative solution in a stunning, minimalist design that compliments your bike style.


The positioning of the Frame Handle lowers the center of gravity and uses muscles you ordinarily use to lift; making lifting your bicycle feel easier, lighter, and in control.

Combined with classic buckles and fine leather, it’s no wonder the Frame Handle is featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store.


The vegetable-tanned leather is finished with our weatherproof dressing to keep you riding no matter the conditions.

Available in honey, dark brown, natural, or black leather to match your Brooks saddle or other Walnut Studiolo accessories.