Laneway learning – getting to work on 2 wheels

You’ve got a beautiful bike and every once in a while you take it out for a spin. “That was fun,” you think. “Maybe I’ll start to ride to work.” But you haven’t, yet… because you don’t know those roads, or you have to wear nice clothes to work, or it’s too cold.

Well never fear, those nice people at Laneway Learning Sydney have put together a class guaranteed to inspire you to start using your bike more often.

Angela Andrews is taking the class on Tuesday September 10th from 6:30 – 7:45 and will take you through everything you need to know to feel confident about commuting on your bike. Topics discussed will include;

-ensuring your bike is in good working order: tyres, brakes and chain
-planning your journey: printed maps and online route planners, locating safe back-streets and avoiding Sydney’s nasty hills
-carrying your gear: what to carry and how (backpacks, panniers and baskets)
-cycling safely: road rules for cyclists and safe cycling practices
-cycling with style and grace: what to wear and how to look fabulous both on your bike and throughout your working day.

There’s no need to bring your bike to class.

Check out all the details including how to register here.