Know a designer who deserves a medal? We think you do.


Know someone whose exciting designs, whether bikes, bike fashion or products, have inspired others to get on their bike? Here’s your chance to tell the world all about them!

Each year Australia’s Cycling Promotion Fund hold awards to recognise the efforts of those actively trying to get more people onto bicycles. In 2014 the CPF are partnering with Velo-city Global 2014 to extend the reach of these awards. With new categories and some international elements, the Cycling Luminaries Awards will take achievements by those whose work inspires others to get on a bike to a global audience at the Velo-city Global conference in Adelaide in May.


New this year is the Pimp my Ride Award – Cycle Chic. Over the years we’ve often had the pleasure of showcasing the work of designers inspired by cycling in Treadlie, both in print and online, and we know the depth of the talent that is out there. So we’re really excited about the opportunity to help more designers whose work promotes, engages and excites the community to jump on their bike get the recognition they deserve.

Increasingly, designers and innovators are turning their eye to the growing goup of  cyclists out there and being inspired to come up with new technology, products, gear and fashion. Designed specifically for use by cyclists, these innovative designs are in turn inspiring more people to get out on their bikes.


Whether it is a new take on the use of existing designs whether they be e-bikes, cargo bikes or more standard models. Maybe it’s a creative social project or urban intervention utilising bicycle technology, or possibly an innovative and stylish fashion solution designed to encourage mobility on the bike.

The Pimp my Ride Award is open to any Australian organisation or individual that has designed or created a unique piece of cycling clothing, gear or technology that has promoted cycling and  inspired people to ride.


Nominations are open now and close on March 21st. So if you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their work, now is the time to nominate them. You can complete your nomination online or by completing a form and emailing it to the organisers. All short-listed nominees will receive a complimentary single day attendance pass to Velo-city Global 2014.

Full details including conditions of entry as well as links to nomination forms can be found here. Email enquires to [email protected]