Knog’s luminary PWR lights

Knog’s PWR range is a breakthrough in bike accessory technology. PWR is a network of bike and outdoor products designed to share a battery. The technological prowess doesn’t stop there – that same battery can also be used as a power bank to charge your devices.

The outdoor range includes a lantern, head torch and Bluetooth speaker that can be mounted on to your bike frame using the PWR battery. It is set to be released in mid 2018.

There are notable differences between the lights offered in the PWR range. The “charger” lights are available in two models, PWR Commuter or PWR Rider. They both offer an integrated power bank, bar mounting and an optional helmet mounting accessory. The PWR Bank can even charge your devices while the lights are in use, so there’s no need to fear running out of juice while on the road. The two charger lights come with six pre-programmed modes so that riders can use exactly as much light and power as they require.

The “modular” range is the next step up in terms of performance, technical ability and price. The three lights come in PWR Road, PWR Trail or PWR Mountain models. At the moment, the PWR Road and PWR Trail models are available. This range features interchangeable lightheads, higher power and multiple mounting solutions. Knog refers to the side mount as “the sexiest mount on the roads”, and we have to agree that this little number is pretty smooth. It tucks lights neatly above or below the headstem.

But wait, there’s more. Knog’s ModeMaker app allows users to customise the programming of their lightheads, select from a library of specially designed flash patterns and control brightness. ModeMaker will be available for download in the coming weeks.

In a final touch of inspiration, Knog has created the PWR Configurator: an online tool that helps riders to select the right PWR product for their cycling needs. Available on their website, the Configurator builds your light based on your own riding preferences and is even considerate enough to pop your selection in your cart for you.

It is truly exciting to see designers challenging the uses and value of everyday bike gear. With their PWR range, Knog have boldly bid good riddance to the concept of ‘one size fits all’.