Kinekt Seatposts

Sometimes, riding a bike is feels so smooth and harmonious, it’s like poetry in motion. But sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way – and that’s where KINEKT seatposts come in. The newest models are the KINEKT 2.1 (alloy) and 3.1 (carbon) seatpost which are designed to make your ride as seamless as possible.
For those who are unfamiliar, seatposts work to keep riders connected to their bikes while shielding the impact of bumps and vibrations that pop up (as they’re wont to do) along the way. They reduce rider fatigue on the trail, gravel or road, making KINEKT seatposts ideal for riders of any persuasion.
These new KINEKT seatposts are sleek, and customisable to the individual rider’s body weight and performance among other features. They’re available in 27.2 millimetre, 30.9 millimetre and 31.6 millimetre as standard and then adjustable with shims to other seat tube sizes.
Kinekt Seatposts (formerly Bodyfloat) are exclusively imported into Australia by Outdoors International and are available online and at retailers.