Alicja Kwade Reise Ohne Ankunft

Journey without end

Alicja Kwade is a Polish artist living and working in Berlin. Described as a cerebrally active artist she produces works that are as much thought-experiments as sculptures. Her work relies on objects that at first appear self-evident but force us in the end to question the self-evident around us. Lets face it, the one assumption we all make when leaping on our bike is that all that pedalling will get us somewhere. With Reise ohne Ankunft (Journey without arrival) even that assumption is called into question.

Alicja Kwade Reise Ohne Ankunft

Alicja Kwade Reise Ohne Ankunft


Reise ohne Ankunft (Rennrad), 2012

Bent bike
100 x 80 x 60 cm

© Alicja Kwade

Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris