Jazzy Bike Pants

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 3.54.47 pm

Here at Treadlie, we love to see people putting themselves out there and trying new things. So we’re pretty excited to discover that two Melbourne creatives have kicked off a Pozible campaign to make Jazzy bike shorts a reality.

The Jazzy mission is “to bring comfortable, form-flattering, Melbourne-designed bike shorts to urban cyclists” that are ideally suited for “anyone who loves to move, dance, run, cycle, hike, squat, lunge, cartwheel, downward dog, eat, sip and party” – safe to say that most of us meet at least one of those criteria.

Their premiere collection is based around one style of bike shorts in three funky designs. At the moment, Jazzy is made for women and they divulge that these bike shorts have two “secret powers”: they’re anti-flash and super supportive.

Interested? Check out Jazzy’s Pozible page here: pozible.com/project/jazzy-bike-pants-premier-collection

Image: courtesy Jazzy