Japan creates cyclist train service

Have you ever caught the train with your bike in tow? Some of us will agree it can be an awkward and cumbersome exercise. What’s more, getting out to distant cycling trails can be tricky even with a car once you factor in squeezing your bike/s inside. Once again, Japan has given us all a lesson in efficiency and has introduced a train specially for cyclists.

Known as BB Base (Boso Bicycle Base), East Japan Rail created this dedicated train service in response to a number of cyclists using public transport to reach destinations along Boso Peninsula on Tokyo Bay. The six-car train was recently remodelled to accomodate 99 seats, each with a rear bike rack attached. BB Base started running late last year and services are held every weekend.

We’re chuffed to see that cyclists are being made a priority and can only hope to see similar projects launched a bit closer to home in future.


Image: Bicycle Network