Issue 21

Issue 21 of Treadlie Magazine is available now in stores Australia wide, as well as on iPad and Kindle.

Bicycles play an integral role in the lives of all within this issue, and not just to transport; they are objects of desire, inspiration for design and central to business opportunities.

Greg Softley has spent 20 years building a collection of rare steel bikes that have drawn tears of envy and delight from many a cyclist. Gemma Baxter has designed a collection of gear that is sure to turn heads and Jacqui Ma has built a business around the need to transport stuff efficiently on a bike.

And although Owen Kelly and Bobbie Bayley are definitely using bicycles to transport, their focus is to map their architectural findings on a 7000-kilometre journey.

On another note, do you find that although you’re keeping up a cracking pace you are increasingly being overtaken? That will be an e-biker casually sailing past. The uptake of e-bikes is rapidly increasing and with this interest we thought we’d take a look at 12 bikes and what they offer.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen an architecture firm is building a profile for its spectacular, elevated cycling paths, which weave and connect through public spaces and transport systems.

Finally our toolkit is chock-a-block with a mouthwatering selection of bikes and accessories, so rest those cycling legs for a moment and delve into the fascinating world of all things bike.