Issue 19 Treadlie Street

Who? Carmelle Stuart, a barista from New Zealand.

Wearing? Just a casual pair of high-waisted jeans and a comfy top, I’m not really one for brands or labels, if it has a hint of vintage, I’m all over it.

Your bike? I purchased Thelma (yes I’m one of those weirdos that names her belongings) when I had settled in my first apartment in Melbourne. I came here with just a suitcase and $100 in coins, with no home and no idea which path I was going to stumble into. After crashing on couches and busking with friends for extra dough, I finally landed a solid job and got an apartment. Thelma was like my pat on the back; the “hey kid, you’re doing alright.” To be honest I have given her a solid thrashing. I ride her almost every day. Last week I took a bit of a spill on the wet tram tracks and completely obliterated the cane basket, so I sewed my own to keep her pretty. She’s a bloody champ.

Going? I’ve just finished my shift at The Woodfrog Bakery. It’s a ripping day, so I’m off for a ride along Elwood beach on my home to kick back with the dog and a glass of red.

Why ride? Why the hell not?! Melbourne is such an accommodating place to have a bicycle. There are so may beautiful paths and places to ride all throughout the city. You’d be a damn fool not to make the most of them. Riding is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things one can do on a sunny day.

Favourite ride? Usually along the beach on my way to a long lunch, or along Albert park lake heading to South Wharf… Pretty much anywhere that looks nice and ends with me eating food and drinking beer. 

While riding you? Live in fear that some idiot will car-door me.

This article originally appeared in issue 19 of Treadlie Magazine.