Issue 14

You can purchase this back issue here or in digital form via the Treadlie app on your iPad.

Issue 14 is packed with great stories and photography and whether you’re heading into, or out of, the warm weather, you’ll find plenty to inspire your urban adventures on the bicycle. (Not to mention a couple of  wilderness adventures!) Of course our wonderful subscribers will be getting it first and if you would like to join them then pop on over here for a second to do so.

Issue 14 features Krys Blakemore of NYC on the cover who is back on the bike after a demanding few months. Inside we have a bit of a ‘beard-off’ between talented Sydney photographer and cyclist, Beardy McBeard and Melbourne designer Giusseppe Demaio. We also catch up with one of Australia’s most talented frame builders, Ewen Gellie of Gellie Custom. The girls at Pedal Brisbane fill us in on what inspired them to try and transform Brisbane bicycle culture and we also take  a look at the awe-inspiring Afghan Women’s Cycling team.

As most of us know, whether cyclist or not, you can never have too many shoes, and in this issue we take a look at three very different takes on a ‘cycling shoe’, from technical to fashion and handmade. We also talk to builders from around the world who have focussed on wooden bicycles, of all shapes and sizes.

In this issue we take a look at New York City and the changes they’ve made over the past six years to transform the city into a bike city. While our Travel feature in this issue is a more adventurous tale of touring on Alaska’s infamous Haul Road. In Toolkit you’ll find a wrap of the Treadlie Bike Hub along with all of the usual bike fashion, accessories, events and bikes and Malachi Moxon has made his usual eclectic selection of products for cyclists. In addition there is also a  fabulous Centrefold, along with all of our other regular features.

You can purchase this back issue here or in digital form via the Treadlie app on your iPad.