Is this the bike you’ve been waiting for?

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The Coolpeds iBike is ready to revolutionise the electric bike industry with its powerful 350-Watt brushless motor and front wheel drive system for easier handling. The bike is designed with all the right details. It has been created in a neat retro style and finished with a genuine leather seat and grips.

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The battery is even concealed in a matching leather-look pouch. It’s also exceptionally lightweight. While many electric bikes are around 20kg, the Coolpeds iBike sits at about 14.8kg, which makes it easier to carry and more accessible to people.

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The iBike offers between 48 to 80 km of estimated pedal-assist range and between 32 to 48 km of full-throttle electric cruising. The Smart LCD display also helps you customise your max speed setting as well a check your battery level and range traveled. Its top speed is 20 mph for full-electric and 30 mph for pedal assist, and riders can go through five power-assist levels.

Currently retailing on the Coolpeds website at it is important to note that this power rating would not meet Australian standards and it would have to registered to be ridden on roads in Australia.

Check it out here.