Catlike Cloud 352 Helmet

Spanish brand Catlike has a new helmet called the Cloud 352 and it’s gorgeous. Incorporating a ‘Dual AEROSystem’ that allows the helmet to adapt to the environment through interchangeable shells, the Cloud 352 was created for cyclists and triathletes that want to maximise their performance while gaining superior aerodynamics without sacrificing excellent ventilation.

Having studied the behaviour of different shell designs, the Catlike R+D department finally arrived at what they think is the most aerodynamic hole dispersion. The result is a ‘Breathable Reticulated Shell’ with a total of 352 holes throughout to enable constant airflow, providing exceptional reticular aerodynamics and making the Cloud 352 one of the most ventilated road helmets in the world.

If you don’t need that kind of airflow, the system is easily replaced a ‘VeloDrom shell’, which is designed to give extra protection to cyclists in bad weather conditions and due to its totally smooth surface obtains even better aerodynamic behaviour. A strap divider system allows for the swap in just one movement, positioning the divider under the ears in a way that is adjustable just beneath the chin.

Catlike has also considered how visibility is important when riding by night or in low light conditions and prioritising safety, the Cloud 352 incorporates reflective stickers that are useful for quick detection from drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians. The helmet comes in three sizes and five colour schemes: black; white and fluorescent yellow; white and grey; white, black and fluorescent yellow; black, white and red; and black, red and white.

More information can be found on the the Catlike website.