Inside Northside Locals

Here’s a recipe for success: take Malachi Moxon, fixture of Melbourne’s cycling scene and add Carmen Barry, passionate cyclist and Pilates instructor. Then, combine to create Northside Locals.

This shop at 9/11 Smith Street in Fitzroy champions a holistic approach to cycling. So, you can feast your eyes on an eclectic range of gear and cycling treasures while stretching out your weary muscles in one of Carmen’s Pilates classes. Who could ask for anything more?

Northside Locals is open until the end of June and the duo hope to make the space permanent. Recently, we had a chat with Carmen and Malachi about their new digs.

What’s the concept behind the Northside Locals pop-up?

Malachi: It’s a space bringing together myself (Northside Wheelers) and Carmen (House of Valour) to incorporate cycle wear, lifestyle products and Pilates. The emphasis is on supporting local, independent products as much as we can in an interesting environment that people can come hang out in, have a wander or do a Pilates class.

What are some of your favourite bike-related pieces in the shop?

Malachi & Carmen: We have our beautiful handmade cycling caps by Troy O’Shea. Also our ‘Ride Punk Ride’ undershirts produced by The Pedla.

We also love To Barwyn and Back – high-vis functional clothing for on and off the bike. Some of our favourites are not cycling related but add to the store’s appeal of it being more than just cycling apparel. So of course for that reason, we love Skippy.

I love the iconic Hills Hoist in the window. Whose idea was that and where did it come from?

Carmen: The Hills Hoist was all Malachi … it’s iconically Australian and Mal has a thing for Australiana. And like other childhood memories, for example riding a bike, most people remember being kids swinging from the clothesline … some adults still do it now. It’s something Mal has always wanted … it just adds another level [for] displaying our products.

Can you tell me a bit about the Pilates classes?

Carmen: The Pilates classes are designed with cyclists in mind. As a cyclist, I have always enjoyed how Pilates has assisted me on the bike by strengthening certain parts of my body that have ensured greater power through the pedals and less energy expenditure due to strength in my core. It’s been used in the pro peloton for years, which is no surprise – [it adds] longevity into their careers.

Images: courtesy Northside Locals
Words: Georgia Thomas