If the cap fits

Looking for an easy way to personalise your bike? Stem caps can add a bit of colour and personality to your ride without breaking the bank.
Bikelangelo is a Californian company specialising in designer stem caps. Keith, Phil, and Ryan of Bikelangelo have been riding, racing, and clowning around together on bikes of all kinds for almost a decade. In 2015 they joined forces to form Bikelangelo: a company born from a love of all things two-wheeled and human powered.
It is their hope that Bikelangelo products can help people squeeze one more sweet ounce of enjoyment out of every amazing ride. Designs range from the inspirational to the aspirational, with sugar skulls, butterflies, donuts or the Lion of Flanders just to mention a few, or you can customise your own if you’ve got one hundred friends to share it with.
Stem caps are a simple product but must be correctly installed so unless you’re familiar with the headset on your bike and it’s maintenance and care you should ask your local bike shop to install your new stem cap for you next time they’re working on your bike.
You can check out the full range of Bikelangelo products here.