ICON: A smart bike light

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The award-winning See.Sense ICON, an intelligent and connected cycle light that collects crowd-sourced data from cyclists, is now available in Australia through Echelon Sports.

The light, designed and developed by a Northern-Irish based startup company called See.Sense, is the perfect example of how connected mobile technology can be applied to a previously ‘dumb’ object such as a bike light, transforming its capabilities.

The interesting this is, this bike light not only helps keep cyclists safer on the road, it also provides technology to pave the way for the smarter cities.


The light is crammed with sensor and communication technology – normally found in mobile phones – allowing it to adjust flash pattern and speed to the cyclists’ changing environment.

The lights communicate and can be controlled by phone via an app that provides compelling features for the cyclist to want to connect the light to their phone, such as crash and theft detection alerts.

The sensors are also able to collect valuable real-time data for the city, such road surface analysis and coming soon, air pollution. The data can be used to predict future accident hot spot areas based on ‘near-miss’ data, allowing city planners the tools they need for infrastructure planning.

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Using See.Sense ICON, cyclists effectively become the sensor network infrastructure for the city, providing high quality, low cost, crowd-sourced data to help their cities.

Philip McAleese, CEO of See.Sense said, “It is our hope that ICON will help to ignite a cycling revolution. Not only does ICON enhance the cycling experience through improved safety and convenience, it also has the potential to empower cyclists to influence their cities through the use of highly accurate, crowd-sourced data. This can create smarter and better cities for everyone.”

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