Bicycle security brand Hiplok is launching of two new innovative products at the 2017 Sea Otter Classic. Although the AIRLOK and the Z LOK were previewed at the fall trade shows, this will be the first time Z LOK will be on sale.

AIRLOK is the world’s first high security bicycle storage hanger and offers a secure yet elegant storage solution for your indoors and out. AIRLOK carries the maximum Gold Sold Secure security rating. Its secure wall fixings, hardened steel framework, and a secure lockable bolt combine to keep your bike safe while displayed on your wall. The addition of an impact resistant outer casing further prevents access to the framework and fixings.

AIRLOK’s design is a unique triangular shape, providing stable storage for multiple styles and sizes of bicycles, while the rubberised mouth prevents frame scratch and further adds to stability. Combining clean lines and quality materials, AIRLOK is available in a choice of red, grey or white and comes with three coded replaceable keys.


Z LOK is the world’s first armoured reusable zip-tie like lock, designed to provide ultra-convenient added protection from the opportunist thief. Z LOK is a 40-centimetre-long security tie consisting of a reinforced steel core with a durable nylon outer. Its double-sided ratchet system allows it to automatically lock when looped into place, and unlocks only with the included universal key.

This unique ultra-lightweight and compact design combines simplicity and practicality, allowing for multiple uses and for flexibility in locking diameter for protection in a variety of situations. In addition to added protection for securing your bicycle the Z-LOK can be used on car racks, for cycle accessories, to secure skis and snowboards or even children’s scooters and strollers.

John Abrahams, co-founder of Hiplok commented “At Hiplok we are focused on designing and building innovative products to protect your bike whether at home or out on the ride. From the ultra-secure AIRLOK storage hanger to the world’s first reusable lockable tie, Z-LOK, we believe our latest line will protect whatever you are riding, wherever you are.”