Hello, VELLO bike

We have to say, we have a soft spot for folding bikes. They’re nifty and convenient; making them ideal for inner-city commuting. Austria-based VELLO bikes were specially developed for urban mobility, drawing on the features of racing and city bikes with a unique folding bike twist.

VELLO bikes are equipped with a folding mechanism combined with a magnetic shock absorber that allows the rear wheel to be brought forward with a straightforward rotary movement. The beauty of this is that you can then roll the bike half-folded anywhere with ease – squeezing into cramped spaces like lifts and trains.

The bike frames are unisex and are designed to combine the magnet release system with rear suspension. In a smart move, the front and back lights are integrated into the seat post clamps. Not only does that make them impossible to leave behind, they’re also well protected from sticky fingers.

VELLO has an extensive range of folding bikes. We are particularly taken by Bike+ Titanium, a self-charging e-bike with Bluetooth connectivity that’s due to arrive in May 2018.


Images: VELLO Bike