Happy Birthday Trek Fondo!

Women’s cycling apparel brand, Fondo, has celebrated its first birthday with the launch of a new women’s race team ‘Trek Fondo’.

The new team is registered with the Victorian Road Series however it’s much more than a group of A-graders riding bikes. Trek Fondo will be playing an active role in the women’s cycling community to encourage participation and inspire other female cyclists.

Anna Thomson, Fondo Co-founder, said Fondo is working hard to support women’s cycling and encourage women to challenge themselves on their bike.

“We’ve brought together a group of inspiring women to be ambassadors to the sport. These women come from different walks of life – some are brand new to cycling while others have been racing for many years.

“Not only are they all amazing athletes, they are also incredibly accomplished outside of the sport.

“We hope the team will connect with different women across the cycling community – whether they’re racing for the first time or they simply want to conquer their first climb,” she said.


Riding for Trek Fondo are Brooke Anderson, Seda Camgoz Posselt, Niki Hobday, Karla McKinnon, Bridget Lester, Jo O’Shaughnessy, Hazel Porter and Anna Thomson.

Trek Fondo will be working closely with Trek stores to host regular women’s rides across Melbourne. To kicks things off, they’ll be leading a group of 15 women at Amy’s Gran Fondo – the largest all-women’s team in the event’s history.

Next week Trek Fondo will make its race debut at the Sam Miranda Road Race in Milawa and in October they’ll be racing the 100th edition of the Melbourne to Warrnambool.

Trek Fondo is sponsored by Trek, Brontrager and Melbourne Cycling League.