Sovrappensiero are an Italian design studio looking to solve a consistent problem for city cyclists with a simple solution. City bikes often have pedals made of plastic and without any means of attaching shoe to bike which can mean the rider’s ‘grip’ can be compromised, especially when it is raining or the shoes themselves don’t allow for much grip.


Sovrappensiero have come up with Grippine,  flexible silicone shells that will fit any plastic pedal. The material and geometry of the texture applied to the shell ensures a firm grip between the pedal and the sole of any shoe. Grippine can be easily fitted without the use of any tools, keys, screws or bolts.It is intended they be available in a range of colours thus enabling you to customise your bicycle as you see fit.


The project is currently on Eppela, an Italian crowd funding platform and hopes to raise enough funds to allow for production of a first run. Supporters will be able to vote for the colours in which Grippine will be produced but will need a handy amount of Italian, or  at least the services of an online translator.