Goldfields cyclassic


This year the Minara Resources Goldfields Cyclassic is on the 4th and 5th of June, and will continue as a two-stage handicap race across the Goldfields from Kalgoorlie-Boulder to Menzies and on to Leonora. Riders will be racing across some of the richest and historic landscapes of the Western Australian Goldfields.

With the mineral wealth of this area being world renowned, it’s appropriate that this race also boasts being “Australia’s Richest Handicap Cycle Race”. Held over the WA Day long weekend, the two-stage event will be run as two individual race stages.

Each rider will be assigned a finish time as the time after the lead rider crosses the line and the time the rider crosses the line for each race.

The 2015 Goldfields Cyclassic was won by Andrew Simpson, who rides with the Peel District Cycling Club in a combined time of 5 hours, 20 minutes and 48 seconds.


For the weekend enthusiasts who do not wish to race, but wish to be included in this exciting and iconic event, the Community Challenge is a great way to explore the riches of the Goldfields and enjoy the achievement of completing the course.

The 132km of the Community Challenge is broken up into four approximately equal sections. The first rider completes the section out of Kalgoorlie to Paddington, hands on the tag to their team-mate who then pedals off to Davyhurst.

Here number the third team member is waiting and takes the tag onwards to Comet Vale where the final team member will then take the tag over the finishing line in Menzies.

Each team will need a vehicle to carry all riders and equipment and is responsible for placing its own rider at each handover point.

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