‘Glove’ by Loffi

There are times when we could all use a hand while riding. Objectively cringe-ful puns (that we’re still proud of) aside, we’re quite taken by the ‘Glove’ by Loffi. Designed to reduce aggression and conflict on the roads, this is a high quality cycling glove with a smiley emoji on the palm that spreads goodwill between cyclists and motorists alike.

“Glove’s smile emoji makes waving more meaningful – an excuse to do it more often,” explains Loffi. More than just a gimmick, a lot of thought has gone into the Glove’s design. It’s made of durable material with suede palms, has a fleece wipe thumb for when things get hot and heavy and is waterproof, windproof and warm.

The Glove is currently listed on Kickstarter, which it has taken by storm. And with such a sweet idea backed up by solid design, we can see why.


Images: Loffi