Giro D’Perth

Lord knows we love a laneway here at Treadlie. So we were of course very excited to discover another ride planned around a day spent riding laneways!  Sunday March 17th saw the very first Giro d’Perth, a relaxed ride following clues through the backstreets and lanes of North Perth, West Perth and the City.

Inspired by his rides around Perth’s backlanes, Toby Hodgson created the event as way for people to get out and discover new and different places by bike. Giro d’Perth was supported by South Perth Cycling Club ( as well as a host of sponsors) and attracted 500 people, although many more were interested.

“Although we were limited to 500 people, we could easily have had 1000” said Toby, “It was fantastic….there was such a range of people, from those in lycra to BMX riders and families with kids in trailers and carriers”. Four courses of different lengths were offered but all allowed people to enjoy discovering secret places, local cafes and a bicycle friendly Sunday morning in Perth.

With plans already afoot to run the event again in 2014, we’re rapt to have yet another great suburban discovery ride on the calendar, alongside the likes of Melburn Roobaix and Adelaide’s Boucle de Burbs. More laneways!

You can check out more about the Giro d’Perth here, or watch this video, or like the facebook page to stay on top of all the photos as they come in.

Photos courtesy of Robert Frith