Gazelle powering on

Gazelle Bicycles Australia have continued with their success in contributing to the growing eBike segment with the launch of 4 new models for the upcoming season. Three models feature the Bosch Active system and one model features the acclaimed Impulse 2.0 system. Gazelle will be the first brand to launch the Impulse system in Australia. Both units feature mid-drive motors.


Paul van Bellen, Director of Gazelle Bicycles Australia states, “We see mid-drive systems as the future of our eBike business. They offer fantastic reliability, extra torque on hills and superior ride quality. Since launching these new drive systems our sales have increased significantly. Our dealers are very happy with the response from customers.”


Included in the new model range is the revolutionary NuVinci Harmony system coupled with the Bosch system. This amazing system allows the rider to set a cadence level on the controller on the handlebar and then the Harmony system adjusts the gears automatically according to the terrain.


You can find out more from their website