Friends with Lights

Friends with Lights are running the final of their epic Bike Quests for this summer on Saturday March 22nd. The Bike Quest sees teams of four or five, or ‘gangs’ as you may like to think of them, set out on a quest through the streets of Brunswick collecting treasures from designated checkpoints. Of course if you don’t have a bike gang in which to hang, you’re more than welcome to get along solo and join in with some new friends on the day.

Kicking off from Brunswick velodrome at 5pm, details of your quest will be provided before teams set off on a 7km ride. One team member should bring a backpack in which to collect the treasures retired to prove fulfilment of your bike quest.

Participation is $10 per head, with helmet, lights, water bottle and backpack essential. Costumes, extra lights and decorations are strongly encouraged.  There will be prizes, perhaps for winning, bring the most fashionable or on the brightest bike. Bring extra cash for bar and BBQ at the end. The Bike Quest finishes back at Brunswick Velodrome and you may want to bring extra cash for bar and bbq, plus a mug. You can check out all the details here.