Fly Me to the Moon at World Square

To mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Sydney Festival celebrates this great achievement of our era with free participatory events and installations across the city.

From January 9-27 2019, Sydneysiders (and Sydneyvisitors) are invited to collectively cycle the 384 400 kilometres to the moon on their bikes and on the Lunar Velocipede at World Square.

 Lunar Velocipede, a special pedal-powered rickshaw with wings, is created by world arts company Erth Visual & Physical. Stationary bikes will also be available to challenge participants at World Square.

What’s more, there are organised rides to join in on and those who can’t make it to the square can even donate the kilometres from their daily bike rides or spin classes.

Digital cycle-friendly maps will be included in other moon-inspired Sydney Festival installations, Apollo 11  and Moon Drops.

If you love outer space as much as you love cycling, be sure to check these events out.