Fields of Joy

Dirty Deeds Cyclocross

Just when you thought Melbourne may have reached peak cyclocross along comes another amazing series.

Fields of Joy promises to drag us out of the depths of winter and catapult us into spring with a three race series held at it’s very own dedicated cyclocross venue. With the same emphasis on good times, fun and hard racing as the fabulous Dirty Deeds Cyclocross series you can expect to see plenty of women and kid’s racing in addition to the fellas. And with a dedicated venue and permanent course there truly will be something for everyone here! Developed and raced by Sunbury Cycling Club with the support of Essendon Fields, Fields of Joy will be fundraising for local Michael Blyth who has also helped design the course.

While the course is permanent it will change race-to-race to keep everyone fresh. The big news for the first official race day on Sunday August 31st is the installation of two HUGE sandpits in close succession. The race village will be big and noisy and a hill-top viewing area means spectators get a great view. A separate kids course in the village means the little kids can keep riding laps ALL DAY LONG.

Fields of Joy kicks off Sunday August 31st at Essendon Fields. You DO need to register beforehand (unless you’re racing in the kid’s category) so make sure you do so now!

You’ll find all the details of the race schedule and how to get there over at the Fields of Joy blog.

Dirty Deeds Cyclocross