Editor’s picks: Japan

What is it about Japanese design that makes it so singular? We don’t have the exact answer, but we do have lots of examples of the island nation’s prowess in the cycling realm. Read on for some of our favourite moments from the archives.

Issue 17

Bike City: Tokyo

If you ever thought Tokyo would be a difficult place to cycle in you’d be right, and wrong. Bike ownership is very high, riding infrastructure is very low. We check out the paradox. Read more.

Issue 25


Japan’s CHERUBIM was originally founded by Hitoshi Konno in 1965. Read more.

Issue 21

Peacecles & Pilgrims

A seaside ride along Japan’s Seto Inland Sea proves that sometimes it’s the most unlikely factors that contribute to the perfect cycling trip. Read more

Issue 16

Off Street Parking: Japan

In robotics they trust. Underground parking goes high tech in Japan. Read more.

Issue 18

Not So Slow

A band of brothers takes on the Japanese Alps in an epic six day ride. Read more