Editor’s Picks: Cycling gifts


Cactus Tongue Bike Holder
Beautifully made from curved stainless steel and detailed with leather contact pads that cushion your top tube or handlebar with reassuring softness, the Cactus Tongue SSL-ROADIE wall mounted single bike holder is an indoor bike hanger that oozes class while at the same time simply solving the problem of indoor bicycle storage.


The Boncho
There’s nothing new about a rain cape. Cyclists have been wearing these for decades. But cycling apparel manufacturers have spent millions trying to perfect the wet weather jacket, and Dutch company VanMoof has really knocked it out of the park. The ingenious design, called The Boncho, is a fully waterproof poncho packed away in a small bag that is ready to pop out, throw over your head and fix to the bike’s handlebars for a fully waterproof, breathable ride that covers both your arms and legs. Genius.

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The Spurcycle Bell
In the world of high-end bicycle bells Spurcycle is one of the kings. Precision made of premium nickel brass and stainless steel; the bell has a distinct dome shape and comes in a brushed steel or matte black diamond-like coating. It’s beautifully designed, substantial, and was the beginning of the humble bicycle bell being treated as not only a functional accessory, but also a beautiful one. And though the cost may seem a little steep, the reason the bell is so popular is that it backs the belief that not all items should be disposable.

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The Bookman Cup Holder
There’s something so satisfying about drinking a cup of coffee, or tea, on the way to work but when you commute via bicycle it’s a little hard to combine the two – enter the Bookman Cup Holder. No longer will pot-holes, bumps and quick stoppages impede your morning hit of caffeine. This easy-to-attach holder ensures your cup is kept safe and snug on your morning ride to and from home, via your favourite coffee shop of course.

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The Linus Bike Market Bag
The market bag is a double pannier made from rugged water-resistant waxed canvas with oil skin leather and solid brass hardware. This bag is tough but with looks to match. Once on the bike, the pannier is secured firmly with magnetic locks and firm snaps and is the perfect choice for a city commuter looking for the type of bag that will last.