Editor’s picks: cycling gifts

Whether you’re streets ahead in the gift-giving department (like we wish we were) or slightly behind the ball by the time December rolls around (like we are), we’ve compiled a few pressie ideas for your nearest and dearest this festive season.

The dudes at Hunter Bros Cycling create seriously cool, Italian-made race-kits, locally-printed caps musettes and tees. The father-and-sons team works out of a Collingwood, Melbourne studio and we’re big fans of their playful and bold aesthetic.


We love TO BARWYN AND BACK, the Aussie cycling brand with a fresh take on clothing that we can’t get enough of since we crossed paths in issue 21. These Weekend Shorts look slick as, plus they’re retro-reflective, have a clasp for keys and are water-repellent.


By us a book and we’re yours forever. Specifically, buy us this book – Vintage Cycling Posters by Andrew Edwards. This beauty features a mouth-watering collection of vintage posters spanning from the late 19th century to the 1970s. You can even detach your favourite ones from the spine and frame them.


The Linus Bike Market Bag is a double pannier made from rugged water-resistant waxed canvas with oil skin leather and solid brass hardware. It’s durable and stylish, making it the perfect equipment for avid city commuters.


We’re into these stickers from Fyxo, not least because they speak the truth: “life is too short to ride shit bikes”.