Editor’s picks: 2016 favourites


The boys behind Birichino Bicycles have made it their mission to create something that people will not only love to ride, but take pride in doing so. There’s two models available, Jasper for men and Gigi for women. Both feature LED lights, mudguards, three gears, disk chain guards and a kickstand – they also come in a variety of colours, though we have to say our favourite is the royal blue.

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Everyone knows cycling at night can be risky business. You’re small, you’re sharing the road, and sometimes you’re not so easy to spot. That’s why Lumma was created. It’s a built-in head- and tail-light system with laser lane markers that clearly indicate exactly where you are and how much space you have. Ingenious.

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Otto Lauterbach and Eleonora Perez are some pretty cool cats with a wealth of artistic and design experience between them. They’ve worked on a lot of projects together – including a family of four – with the most recent collaboration being Otto London. Fusing the classic Austrian cape with South American farmer’s ponchos, along with a bit of modern hoodie inspiration, they’ve created a stylish, lightweight garment to keep you waterproof on your commute.


The Velce Bicycle Pedestal is a gorgeous piece of Australian design. Sleek and circular, it complements a bicycle’s form and gives the feeling of motion even though it’s standing still. Handcrafted by Velce’s creators Anna and Ricardo at their studio in Sydney, this bicycle stand is both thoughtfully designed and passionately constructed – it is made to keep and last.

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We love our locals and Melbourne-based bag company All The Kings Men is no exception. Above all else they value quality, functionality, and simplicity, which is why their bags are all handmade in Melbourne from longlasting materials. The canvas of the ATKM Midi is hard wearing, getting better with age as it softens.

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There’s been a bit of buzz around this little beauty and it’s always interesting to see how polarising a bike can be – especially a hybrid – but we have to say this is a no brainer for us. If you’re serious about gravel racing, the 3T Exploro is a major contender. The key to its speed is an aero downtube that picks up airflow coming off the front tyre and, along with some other unusual quirks, its what makes this bike something really special.


Velocio is one of those special kinds of brands. The sort that cares about how their clothing is made and where, how it feels when you put it on or when you take it off, and most importantly, if it wears well when you’re cycling. They like to push boundaries and the Recon Quilted Vest is no exception to the rule. Made from Global Merino Ponte wool fabric and bearing an ultralight Pertex Quantum shell layer, this style stunner is clearly created to be versatile, comfortable and durable.