Double O


Bike lights are an integral part of being safe on your bike. The Double O bike light aims to deliver that safety while addressing some of the issues around your favourite current light.

Double O bike lights have magnets inside so that putting them on and taking them off is hassle free. You simply fix the polycarbonate mounts onto your bike frame with the nut and bolt provided. Push on the back Double O and snap on the front Double O and the magnets inside will securely hold them in place.


Double O’s are extremely robust and hard wearing. Along with a polycarbonate shell and silicone backing, they also have neodymium-grade magnets inside to make them really strong. Extensive testing has been done to make sure that the magnets are strong enough to keep your lights attached to your bike.

Double O use LEDs that aren’t as bright as many other bike lights. They do use more of them though, and this means that the light emitted is just as bright but not as harsh. It also means no other cyclists or motorists will be blinded by your lights and prone to accidents.


When not in use Double O’s snap together magnetically to protect the LED face. Then you can thread them on to your lock and leave them secured with your bike.

Designed by Paul Cocksedge Studio the Double O is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.