Double Denim

If you’re after a pair of cycling specific jeans and you’re female there has, sadly, been little to choose between.

While the bigger brands are happy to provide for the blokes on bikes women have had to rely on smaller, more responsive brands like the fabulous Creux of Melbourne, who so far as we know, are the only brand worldwide providing jeans designed specifically for women who like to ride. (Happy to be pointed in the direction of anyone doing this if we’re mistaken!)




A Canadian project is hoping to change that and add one more product to the options female riders have with the launch of RYB Denim. RYB Denim aim to raise CAD $25,000 on Indiegogo to fund the first run of their premium jeans. With design and technical features that enhance fit and performance while riding your bike the project is getting a great response.

You can check out all the details over here, there are several levels of support available including actually ordering a pair of the jeans. Alternatively, check out what Creux have on offer over here.