Until recently the options for mounting your phone on your handlebars often seemed black, complicated and bulky. And black. I mean, sure, if you are going to spend the day riding single-track through the wilderness in a blizzard you might need some of that. But for the rest of us, something a little less SAS will do fine. And a choice of colours would be nice too.


Say hello to Dash from Two Wheel Cool. As simple as its name implies; no extra attachments, no extra bulk, but a huge range of colours, Dash will hold your phone in a convenient central location attached to the central stem of your handlebars. Designed in Australia, Dash’s sleek looks take advantage of quality surgical-grade silicone with a tough plastic insert which secures the iPhone within the softer outer layer.

Its also dishwasher proof, once you’ve removed your iPhone! Ask for it at your local bike shop or check out the full range and all the details online.