Cyclofemme does Eurovision


Those creative types over at The Squeaky Wheel have been at it again. They noticed that Cyclofemme (an international Celebration of Women’s Riding), Mothers Day and Eurovision all fall on the same day this year.

Unflummoxed by this unexpected richness-in-reasons-to-ride they have combined all three into a Eurovision themed fancy dress all girl mother-loving bike party.  More than that! With added  crafty effects and streamers to decorate bikes in national colours. And cake. Plus photos in the park and a refreshing beverage after all the fun.

Best of all, this special edition Spokewoman Breeze ride event is partnering up with Girls Club, (a group fostering positive discussion about being female for females) to make the bike party TRULY UNFORGETTABLE.

Kicking off from St Ali North at 2.00pm on Sunday May 11th and running until approximately 4.30pm this promised an afternoon of fun, bikes, tacky costumes and lots of singing!

So what are you waiting for  BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW