Cycliq bike cameras

Cycliq Fly6CE

Cycliq has released a new generation of integrated bike camera and safety lights. Technology is now so advanced that it can not only multi-task, but it can do it well.

The FLY6 CE is a rear-facing bike camera and safety light and is kitted out with an 1080p HD camera plus audio. The light is 100 lumen, has three light modes and the unit has a battery life of seven hours. The camera also features smart video looping to ensure reliable coverage.

Fly6 CE Day Commuter

In a stroke of genius, this design also includes integrated bike alarm and the device can be connected to your phone via a Bluetooth smartphone app. Best of all, it weighs just 110 grams and is weatherproof.

The FLY12 CE is front-facing. It also has an 1080p camera but its light is 600 lumen with a seriously impressive unit battery life of eight hours. Like the rear-facing device, this one is weatherproof and lightweight at 195 grams. The purpose of smart video looping is to ensure that you never run out of space on your SD card.

Fly12 CE Night Outside


The FLY12 CE can also detect if you’ve been in an accident, at which point it will automatically lock to preserve the footage of the incident.

As technology develops and plays an increasingly large role in our daily lives, it’s promising to see its powers used for good – and for keeping cyclists safe on the road.

Images: courtesy Cycliq