Cycle Hack


Want to join a global event sharing ideas to solve the barriers to cycling? Cyclehack brings people together to come up with ideas and build them in under 48 hours. Teams of people with a variety of skills will collaborate to build and make new ideas a reality.

Cyclehack is for people like you, people who are excited about making cycling easier where they live and have experience of moving around the city. Kicking off on Friday June 20th and running over the entire weekend, Cyclehack is also run in several other cities – Glasgow, Hamburg, San Fransisco, Kuala Lumpur, Philadelphia, Bristol – at the same time so you will be joining a global event, all working together to make cycling easier.  Your background could be in design, technology or you’re just passionate about cycling and solving problems. After the event all the ideas are uploaded online for the world to share.

You will come up with ideas that removes a barrier to cycling, made real into some kind of prototype that can be implemented into a city environment. Prototypes can be physical, digital or even policy based. You might design a mudguard that can be cut from a plastic bottle to solve wet bums, a handlebar paint squeezer that reveals hidden potholes with luminous paint at night or a website showing where you can find a cycle buddy in your city, removing the barrier of fear of riding on unfamiliar roads.

Friday 20 June, 6-9pm at The Hub Melbourne

Kick off Melbourne Cyclehack at a social networking event including presentations by four locals with a expert perspective on solving design problems. Featuring:
Anthony Aisenberg, Founder & Director, Crowdspot
Alice Lewis, Founder/Designer, Night Brigade
Mark Strachan, Lecturer, Industrial Design and Product Design Engineering, Swinburne University
Pip Carroll, Founder & Executive Director, The Squeaky Wheel

Saturday 21 June, 10am- 6pm and Sunday 22 June, 10am – 4pm Cyclehack at Swinburne University Prahran Campus

Check out all the details and make sure you register to be a part of Cyclehack, over at The Squeaky Wheel